Director's Welcome

The University of Chicago Center for Global Health collaborates with local and global partners to increase access to global health education and training; foster the development and dissemination of new knowledge; create service learning opportunities; and address global health challenges in novel, transdisciplinary, and sustainable ways to reduce health disparities and inequities in Chicago, our nation, and around the world.

We must marshal all of our knowledge and resources to alleviate health-related human suffering, whether this suffering is caused by a catastrophic earthquake, a deadly epidemic or a chronic disease. By leveraging the University of Chicago’s strengths in medicine, public policy, economics, computation, life science, social science, and other disciplines, we have the potential to save untold lives, reduce health disparities, and influence health practices in Chicago’s communities and in distant parts of the globe. The time to act is now.

F. Olopade

Olufunmilayo I. Olopade, MD, FACP, OON

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