Featured Experiences

Below are some featured experiences from undergraduate and Pritzker Medical students who participated in a global health Summer Research Project or clinical elective at a partner institution, and global health fellows from CGH partner institutions that participated in short-term training opportunities at Chicago.

Yuchen Wang

Chicago, IL

Biobele Brown

Chicago, IL

Ganiyu Arinola

Chicago, IL

Ruoxi Liao & Jingzhou Zhang

Chicago, IL

Marcio Debiasi

Chicago, IL

Priya Raja

Cape Town, South africa

Onome Uwhuba

Ibadan, Nigeria

Chibuzor Afolabi, RN

University of ibadan, Ibadan, nigeria

Vadim Koshkin

accra, Ghana

ibadan, nigeria

Tess Wiskel

Ibadan, nigeria


Ning Zhou

hyderabad, india


Christine Anterasian

ibadan, nigeria


Liese Pruitt

ibadan, nigeria


Anne Toledo

Santiago, Chile