Dr. Aisha Sethi Gives Interview with the Carter Center

Aisha Sethi, MD, lent her expertise to the Voice of America in an interview about the Carter Center's efforts to eradicate river blindness, a neglected tropical disease. Dr. Sethi is an assistant professor of infectious diseases at the University of Chicago Medical Center, an expert on common and complex skin-related diseases, and an active member of the Center for Global Health's faculty steering committee. She commented that river blindness “can be so itchy that these patients can itch their skin so much that part of their skin goes white. And then there’s a huge stigma still in some parts of Africa associating some parts of skin going white with leprosy...You see the more people that are poor, and are sick, you are losing the working capacity of that country.” However, due to the Carter Center's efforts along with the work of many other agencies and organizations, this disease is heading toward eradication. Check out this link to view the entire interview on the Voice of America's website!