Child Survival Workshop (Nepal, March 2015): The Impacts of Clean Cooking on Children’s Health

How much can clean cookstoves and fuels reduce incidence of pneumonia in children? Does using clean cooking technologies and fuels during pregnancy boost birth weights?

Held in Nepal during March 2015, the Child Survival Workshop (co-hosted by the United Nations Foundation Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and Johns Hopkins University) provided experts with an opportunity to exchange lessons from the field and to take a first look at early results of ongoing research evaluating the child health benefits of clean cookstoves and fuels.

Dr. Christopher 'Sola Olopade--Professor of Medicine at the University of Chicago, Clinical Director of the Center for Global Health, and Principal Investigator of the Nigeria research trial--presented early results from a randomized controlled trial in Nigeria assessing the impact of replacing either traditional biomass or kerosene stoves with ethanol on birth outcomes. He comments, "After seeing the preliminary results of the many ongoing studies, I think we're making significant progress on how much changing to a clean cookstove or fuel can improve a child's health."

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