Through CGH’s faculty affiliations, there are two opportunities available to students interested in experiences in Nigeria. Please see the descriptions below for further information.


Partner Institution: The University of Ibadan College of Medicine

University of Chicago Faculty Sponsor: Drs. Sola Olopade and Funmi Olopade

Project Site Faculty/Personnel: Professor Oladosu Ojengbede, MBBS, and Professor Chinedum Babalola, PhD

Eligible Participants: Open to any interested students and residents, limited to 3 at a time.

Language: Although there are several African languages spoken in Nigeria, English is the official language and is widely used in academic settings.

Project description: The University of Ibadan is Nigeria's oldest university and is generally recognized as the country's premier institution of higher learning. The College of Medicine is a renowned training institution for medicine and medical sciences in Nigeria, while its affiliated University College Hospital is widely regarded as a center of excellence for clinical medicine, training of health care professionals, and medical research in West Africa. A clinical rotation at the University of Ibadan will expose students and residents to health care delivery in a unique resource-limited setting.

  • A 3-week rotation on clinical services of interest from Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics and Obs/Gyn will be available at the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan. Opportunities will also include research experience in the immunohistochemistry or genetics laboratories, and radiology and breast imaging centers.
  • A 1-week elective at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Lagos in an urban setting where significant infrastructure upgrade has just been completed.  Maternal and child health and obstetrics experience will be great at this Center with yearly deliveries running into thousands of babies.
  • A 2-week experience in a rural community center setting where students will be exposed to rural and tropical medicine of all forms including diarrheal diseases, malaria, skin diseases, minor surgeries, incision and drainage, delivery of babies and treatment of other tropical diseases. Designated College of Medicine faculty will provide supervision.

Resources: The Healthy Life for All Foundation is a non-profit organization located on the University College Hospital campus that provides administrative and research support to University of Chicago faculty, students and trainees while in Ibadan. 


Partner Institution: The Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH)

University of Chicago Faculty Sponsor: Drs. Sola Olopade and Funmi Olopade

Project Site Faculty/Personnel: 

Eligible Participants: Open to any interested students and residents, limited to 4 at a time

Language: English is the official language and the language of instruction at the hospital, but Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa are the main languages spoken by the population that it serves.

Site description: Transformed into a teaching hospital in 1999 after 44 years as a secondary level hospital, LASUTH is operated by the Lagos state government and has since established itself as one of the busiest and best equipped hospitals in the region. It offers tertiary care services to the state’s population of 13 million through a network of numerous primary and secondary health care facilities. In 2009, LASUTH had about 300 doctors and close to 1,000 nurses who provided care for 17,000 in-patient admissions and 90,000 outpatient visits. There is emphasis on emergency care and obstetrics and the hospital handled over 35,000 trauma/urgent care cases and over 4,000 deliveries in 2009. It is currently improving its capacity to carry out complex surgeries, and trying to set up a comprehensive cancer center while also enhancing its capacity to carry out basic and clinical research. The hospital has active collaboration with a number of hospitals and specialists within and outside Nigeria aimed at improving the qualitative and quantitative care it offers.