Partner Institution: Kamuzu Central Hospital Skin Clinic

University of Chicago Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Aisha Sethi

Project Site Faculty/Personnel: Dermatology Officer Jimmy Malanda

Eligible Participants: 5 or more students and residents (Infectious Diseases, Dermatology, Internal Medicine)

Language: English is the official language of Malawi, so most patients are able to converse; however, there are a number of nursing students in clinic who can function as interpreters for Chichewa, the local language.

Project Description: The Kamuzu Central Hospital Skin clinic in Lilongwe, Malawi is associated with the Malawi College of Health Sciences and offers students and residents the opportunity to see a wide variety of dermatologic disorders, especially infectious and tropical dermatoses. The clinical rotation consists of daily outpatient clinic on weekdays with an opportunity to see inpatient dermatologic consults. This is a good opportunity for students and residents to also see a number of HIV-related dermatologic disorders given the high prevalence of HIV in the patient population. There is a leprosy clinic also associated with the skin clinic where students have a chance to see various forms of leprosy. In addition, there is a dedicated weekly albinism clinic where screening and counseling for prevention of skin cancer is also offered. The students are expected to present their experience at the end of a month with a presentation and final report.