Partner Institution: The Institute of Medical Science and the Faculty and Graduate School of Medicine, the University of Tokyo

University of Chicago Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Yusuke Nakamura

Project Site Faculty/Personnel: Dr. Joseph Green

Eligible Participants: Students, medical residents and young faculties at the University of Chicago. The number of Students & Resident/Fellow exchanges will be decided on an annual basis in advance of the academic year.

Language: Japanese is the official language of Japan.

Project Description: The University of Chicago and the University of Tokyo have a partnership which aims to promote international understanding by stimulating and supporting international activities and projects with an emphasis of internationalization in higher education. Programs differ on an annual basis and may include exchange of undergraduate medical students for clinical observerships, exchange of graduate medical students as clinical observers, exchange of Staff for educational purposes, exchange of academic material and information, or development and mounting of Joint Research programs. Students will have the opportunity to obtain an internship in any of the departments belonging to the university hospitals, depending on their level of experience. Some of the departments where the upper year students, residents, or young physicians may carry out an internship are: neurology, infectious diseases, traumatology, cardiovascular surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine and OBGYN. Additionally, students may have the opportunity to become involved in biomedical research. Please contact Dr. Nakamura for details. Students and Residents/Fellows participating in the exchange program will be selected by their home university on their academic merit. Acceptance into clinical observerships that are available to foreign students are determined by the criteria and policies of the host university, and include, without limitation, compliance with immunization requirements for foreign students and any necessary licensure. Students and Residents/Fellows applying for clinical observation and experience must complete the appropriate application for visiting medical students and residents.