Partner Institution: Faculty of Medical Science (FCM) of the National University of La Plata (UNLP)

University of Chicago Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Mario Zaritzky

Eligible Participants: Students, medical residents and young faculties at the University of Chicago

Language: All exchange students should have knowledge of the Spanish language.

Project Description: Students will have the opportunity to obtain an internship in any of the departments belonging to the university hospitals- under the tutorship of faculty professors, or in case they were students, attending career subjects that might then eventually be homologated at the University of Origin. Some of the departments where the upper year students, residents, or young physicians may carry out an internship are: neurology, infectious diseases, traumatology, cardiovascular surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine and OBGYN. Rotations can also be done in primary health care Centers, where professional practice is aimed at primary, preventive and health promoting practices in the community, with special emphasis on prevalent diseases and those of a social kind.

Rotation requirements: Study agreement (application form) signed by the  academic and institutional coordinators of the universities of origin and destination, life and health insurances, professional liability insurance, knowledge of the Spanish language and complete immunization schedule. The FCM does not charge any registration fees. All travel and accommodation expenses are on the students’ account. For further information contact Prof. Dr. Graciela Etchegoyen, Secretary of  the University Extension of the FCM (extensió or visit the UNLP web page  (