2015 Fellows

2015 Summer CGH Fellows

Elizabeth Frank -College 2016, Biology and History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science and Medicine (HIPS) 

University of Chicago Mentor: Sola Olopade, MD, MPH  Site Mentor: Oladosu Ojengbede, MD    


Elizabeth Frank is an incoming fourth year undergraduate at the University of Chicago and a double major in Biology, with a concentration in Neuroscience, along with History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science and Medicine (HIPS), with a concentration in global health and culture. She spent 5 weeks working on the Household Air Pollution project in Ibadan, Nigeria. Within this comprehensive research study, she specifically focused her time on the effects that different cook stove types have on the biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress in pregnant women. After graduation, Elizabeth hopes to continue to pursue her interest in global health through either medial school or through international law and global health policy. 



Jasmine Solola - College 2016, Biological  Sciences    


University of Chicago Mentor: Funmi Olopade, MD, FACP   Site Mentor: Oladosu Ojengbede, MD                          


Jasmine Solola is a rising fourth year udergraduate majoring in Biological Sciences at the University of Chicago. She spent her time assessing the structural, social, and cultural factors that influence the perception of genetic risk and how Nigerian women disagnosed with breast cancer and women never diagnosed with breast cancer understand the illness. She is interested in developing culturally- tailored interventions to improve knowledge of genetics and its associations with breast cancer in order to increase the likelihood of successful implementation of genetic risk assessment, early detection, and prevention in Ibadan, Nigeria. She hopes to pursue an MD.



Konje Machini- College 2016,  Anthropology  


Univerisity of Chiago mentor: Dezhong Huo, MD, PhD Site mentorPaul Ndom, MD


 Konje Machini is a rising fourth year undergraduate majoring in anthropology and completeting his pre-med requirments. As a part of his internship with the Center for Global Health, he spent a month in Cameroon assisting with research on quality of life for people diagnosed with breast cancer. Specifically, he is looking at the relationship between quality of life and time since diagnosis, as well as tumor stage. His interests in global health are in global public health NGO work and development. 



Rachel Wittenberg- College 2017, Biology and Economics


University of Chicago Mentor: Sola Olopade, MD  Site MentorDaniel Ansong, MD                                 


Rachel Wittenberg is a rising third year in the College, pursuing a double major in Biological Sciences and Economics. Rachel worked with Dr. Daniel Ansong at the Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Kumasi, Ghana on a research project examining the effect of short post-delivery hospital stays on infant mortality and other adverse health outcomes. Rachel is passionate about global health with a particular interst in the social and economic determinants of maternal and child health. She hopes to pursue an MD witht the goal of contributing to the development of sustainable and equitable systems of healthcare in resource-limited settings. 



  Andrew Song - College 2016, Biological Sciences


University of Chicago Mentor: Funmi Olopade, MD, FACP Site MentorOladosu Ojengbede, MD                       


Andrew Song is a rising 4th year undergraduate in the College at the University of Chicago, pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences. Andrew worked to intitiate development of resources and protocols for returning individual genetic testing results to breast cancer research participants at University College Hospital in Ibadan, Nigeria. Recognizing the need for greater infrastructure to provide comprehensive breast cancer genetic cocunseling, Andrew also helped to coordinate implemtation of a clincal database for the surgical oncology department. Currently interviewing for medical schools, Andrew aspires to become a medical oncologist at an academic medical center, combining compassionate clinical practice with global health research efforts focusing on the dynamic interplay between healthcare systems, sociocultural values, and healthcare access.