Visiting Scholar

General Guidelines

• This is a clinical, basic, translational, or other research opportunity.

• The Visiting Scholar must hold a full-time academic appointment within his/her home institution (i.e. assistant/associate professor, professor, lecturer, instructor, reader, or other foreign equivalent). 

• The Visiting Scholar must have a faculty sponsor at the University of Chicago who agrees to oversee the period of visitation and who will be responsible for guiding and monitoring the individual. 

• The faculty sponsor must present programmatic justification for the visit.

• The Visiting Scholar may visit for no more than one year. Extensions may be requested but approval is not assured.

• Application for the Visiting Scholar must be collected by the faculty sponsor/hosting department and submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs at least 16 weeks in advance of target start date. 

• Appointment may be terminated by Sponsoring Faculty for failure to meet goals.


Application and Approval Process

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1. The Visiting Scholar must identify a faculty sponsor at the University of Chicago who agrees to oversee the period of visitation and will be responsible for guiding and monitoring the individual. 

2. The Visiting Scholar and faculty sponsor must jointly create a project proposal, which outlines specific objectives for the visit.

3. It is the responsibility of the faculty sponsor hosting the Visiting Scholar to obtain all required documentation for the application (check list provided below) and submit completed application to the department hosting the visitor.

4. Departmental coordinator submits application to Office of Academic Affairs (OAA).

5. OAA works with Office of International Affairs to issue a J visa for the visitor. 

6. Upon approval, OAA contacts the host department and sponsoring faculty member who is then responsible for coordinating logistics of the visit.

7. OAA will also notify CGH and share copies of the application.


Application Materials

1. Visiting Scholar Agreement Form

2. Curriculum vitae

3. Copy of medical license 
or proof of degree

4. Letter from chair of department at home institution that states the candidate:

  • Has permission to leave (state proposed time frame)

  • Will return to home institution upon completion of project

  • Has language proficiency in English

5. Letter from faculty sponsor to departmental chair that states:

  • Name of candidate

  • Proposed start and end dates of training

  • Description of training/mentoring commitment and terms for evaluation

6. 5-point letter (if visitor has a medical degree)

7. Proof of funding support (if funding source is home institution, then this can be stated in letter from Chair)

8. Proof of personal health insurance


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