Careers in Global Health

CGH is Hiring!  

We are looking for a UChicago undergraduate student to work part time in our office, assisting with programming and operations related to the exciting world of global health. Apply now via handshake!

The following organizations provide updated job listings in the field of global health as well as career advice:

The International Health Opportunities Directory is a regularly updated database of opportunities in global health edited by the AMSA's Global Health Action Committee.

Provides a list of global health positions abroad for both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens.

Maintains a guide to effectively look for jobs in international health and a list of potential employers in the field of international health.

A database of global health opportunities for undergrads, graduate students, and other job seekers.  Postings include internships, fellowships, exchange programs, part-time or full-time jobs, project funding, travel support, scholarships, etc.

The online Global Health Career Network creates an interface for interaction between job seekers and employers/recruiters in the field of global health.

Provides a wealth of resources related to global health including the major organizations in the field of global health and relevant career advice.

Creates volunteer opportunities for health care professionals at numerous sites around the world.

Maintains a list of international job openings for which employers generally need candidates urgently or candidates with highly specialized qualifications.

Organized and comprehensive list of job listings, funding and organizations that work in the field of global health.

Compilation of training opportunities, global health organizations and job opportunities.

A comprehensive resource for career profiles, funding opportunities (i.e. fellowships and internships), and educational resources.

A regularly updated list of global health career and funding opportunities.

Career opportunities working for USAID and a comprehensive list of private volunteer organizations that work in the field of global health.

Provides comprehensive job-related information in Africa.