Universidad Andres Bello

A CGH Primary Partner Site

Partner Description: 

University of Chicago Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Brian Callender 

Project Site Faculty/ Personnel: Dr. Eduardo Costa 

Eligible Participants: Open to advanced undergraduates, medical students and residents throughout the year except February

Language: Spanish is the official language of Chile. Participants shuold have intermediate to advanced Spanish skills. 

Project Description: UAB offers clinical rotations for students from the University of Chicago. The clinical rotations will be available at a broad spectrum of public and private hospitals, so that the student can obtain a more accurate understanding of Chile's public/private health system. UAB will designate a coordinator for this actvity and each student will have a tutor to assist him/her in getting familiar with the assigned hospital and to get integrated with AUB students.  By participating in such a program, students will be able to expand their knowledge and get acquainted with transcultural differences in disease and in medical practice between both countries.