Peking Union Medical College

A CGH Primary Partner Site 

Partner Description: The University of Chicago has had a relationship with PUMC for over a century. In 1914, then president of the University of Chicago, Harry Pratt Judson, helped to establish the China Medical Board and PUMC. PUMC is among the most selective medical colleges in the People's Republic of China. It is a relatively independent institution affiliated with Tsinghua University, which is one of the top two universities in China. In November of 2013, Chicago faculty from the Medicine, Surgery and Family Medicine Residency Training Programs traveld to Beijing to participate in an International Symposium on Residnecy Training that was convened by the University of Chicago Center in Beijing, in partnership with PUMC, Wuhan University Health Sciences Center, and the WUMER Project. The symposium reviewed current stategies and future innovations in residency training in the United States and Chicago. 

University of Chicago Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Renslow Sherer

Project Site Faculty/Personnel: 

Eligible Participants: The program is open to residents in medicine, surgery and family medicine training programs at the University of Chicago

Project Description: A regular series of faculty development workshops will be held in Wuhan and Beijing to address the common issue of residency programs in medicine, surgery and family medicine. Furthermore, opportunities for externships and residents as teacher trainings for residents in the University of Chicgao in medicine, surgery and family medicine residency training programs.