Undergraduate Students Engage with Global Health in Paris Class

This winter, several undergraduate students traveled to the University of Chicago's Paris Center to participate in a study abroad program called Paris: Biology; Topics in Perception and Communication, from Biology to Global Health. A large component of this program was the recently pioneered Introduction to Global Health course, taught by Drs. Funmi and Sola Olopade (respectively the Director and Clinical Director of the CGH). This course provided an overview of the emerging field of global health through an interdisciplinary lens, emphasizing both the specific health problems faced by the world’s vulnerable populations as well as the large-scale social, political, and economic forces that cause them. Students had the opportunity to travel to Geneva to gain first-hand global health experience with some of the most prominent health agencies in the world, including the World Health Organization and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. The class was largely discussion-based and focused on a holistic, empirical approach to the current health issues facing our generation.